Parent Education

Changing Course

This 10 week parenting class targets families whose children are currently in DCF custody. The class focuses on nurturing ourselves, relationship building, stress and support networks, taking responsibility, accountability, communication and building self esteem. During the course of the program, a guest from DCF is invited to attend a class to answer questions from the group. The primary goal of this group is to improve family functioning by helping the family learn new skills in order to have their children returned back into their care.

Nurturing Program

This 16 week parenting education series allows parents and children the opportunity to experience a nurturing atmosphere. The parents have the opportunity to learn new and effective parenting techniques, and the children have a curriculum that follows the weeks of the parent. This is also a great program that allows for parent child engagement through the use of family meal and circle time.

Parenting Now

An 8 week series for parents of young children. Topics include discipline, routine, time in, and stress management. This program is offered to families who may or may not have custody of their children. Childcare is provided.

Nurturing Father’s Program

A 13 week series for fathers to reflect on their parenting style and learn new techniques for their "parent toolbox." Topics include: Roots of Parenting, Communication, Play, Fathering Sons/Fathering Daughters, Self Nurturing Skills and many more. This group is set in a safe, nurturing environment where fathers have the opportunity to talk with other fathers and share the joys of parenting.